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John Gray

The best-selling self-help & relationship author of all time, will share how gender intelligence is the key to creating relationships that last and bring us fulfillment.


Patti Stanger

The Millionaire Matchmaker teaches you which men to date, which to stay away from, reveals secrets she’s not allowed to on TV, and shows you how to meet ‘The One.'


Sherry Gaba

Psychotherapist and life coach on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, will give you the tools to access and transform any of life’s challenges.


Dr. Steve G. Jones

Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP trainer, Life Coach and Law Of Attraction expert, will share how to power your mind to achieve love magnetism.


Rhonda Britten

Emmy Award Winner and frequent Oprah guest will show you how to overcome your fears and live a life of love.


Barnet Bain

Emmy nominated film producer, director and screenwriter, shares the secrets to treating your relationship as a spiritual teacher.


Carol Allen

Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach, will show you how the stars combined with your own right actions can help you make the most of your love life.


David Wygant

Relationship guru will instruct you on how to make any man your perfect lover.


Kathryn Alice

Best selling author and love expert, will show you the fastest proven way to your soul mate.


Lauren Frances

The 'go to' relationship coach for Hollywood's A-list celebrities, will give you cyber-flirt insider tips to turn you into a man-magnet.


Brent Phillips

Shares his Formula for Miracles – a special blend of electronic and spiritual technology to revolutionize your relationships.


Debi Berndt & Dr. Robert Maldonado

Best Selling Author Debra Berndt and Jungian Psychologist Dr. Robert Maldonado will empower you to have extraordinary relationships without having to fix yourself.


Baeth Davis

The Hand Analyst, will show you how the gift markings in your hands gives you the map to fulfillment in your life, and your relationships.


Deborah Pegues

Interpersonal Communications Strategist, CPA and bestselling author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue, will help you achieve financial intimacy in your relationships.


Cherry Norris

Dating Coach and Filmmaker, will show you how to meet and marry your man!


Keri Newell

The “Can’t Love Without It” relationship success expert, will teach you how to create communication magic with men.


Jennifer Hadley

Founder of Spiritual Espresso, will teach you how to stop judging yourself and others so that you can become a love magnet!


Linda Sivertsen

Best Selling Author will share a tool that illuminates positive and negative patterns in your relationships so you can make having a meaningful relationship—or moving on—easier.


Kavita J Patel

Love coach and intuitive, will share her rare blend of Eastern spirituality and Western practicality — on love, dating, and marriage.


Dorcy Pruter

Founder of the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, will show you how to communicate with compassion even after divorce.


Jonathon Aslay

Dating and relationship expert at Understand Men Now, will show you how to transform from attracting Mr. Wrong into finding your Mr. Right.


Ellen Eatough

Author of Beyond Orgasm, will share how to transform ordinary sex into extraordinary lovemaking by bringing spirituality into the bedroom.


Bobbi Palmer

Dating and relationship coach for women over 40, Bobbi Palmer will show you how to unlock your mojo so you can meet your man.


Kim Sarrasin

The relationship coach known as the Queen of Hearts, will empower you with the tools and relationship wisdom you need to attract your King.


Damona Hoffman

Dating strategist and host of the popular Dates & Mates radio show will give you the tools to Brand Yourself for Successful Online Dating.


Virginia Clark

Hypnotherapist and author of “It’s Never Too Late To Marry," will help you find your true love and create the marriage of your dreams.


Adam Gilad

Author, speaker, mentor, and coach will teach how to create and nourish a conscious relationship.


Larry Michel

Founder of the School of Genetic Energetics will share the secrets to understanding your energetic relationships.


Christel Hughes

Holistic Life Coach and Multi-Sensory Intuitive will guide you to live free from Fear and Emotional Sabotage.


Marni Battista

Dating Expert and Speaker will show you how to Date With Dignity.


Orna and Matthew Walters

Your hosts and founders of Creating Love On Purpose, will enlighten you to the unconscious missteps blocking you from true love.

Here's what previous participants of the
Love On Purpose Revolution
had to say about their experience:


Hi Orna & Matthew,

Thank you SO much for this series. I came across it last year "by accident" (tee hee!) without knowing these speakers or this type of forum even existed. I haven't met my guy yet, but I can tell you that since finding you last year I have: lost weight, found a soulmate in a pet that showed up as if by magic in my life, finally been relieved of chronic pain that had plagued me for 4 years & so much more! I'm sure that love is just around the corner and you were a big factor in helping me find this path. Blessings to you both!

~ Melody

Dear Orna and Matthew
I wanted to write to you to express my thanks for the brilliant talks you are running. I am really enjoying listening to the replays from my home in England and am finding them very useful :) Thanks!

~ Anna

Just wanted to send my appreciation for this amazing program you two have put together. I am blown away by the quality of your interviewing skills as well as the deep insights and wisdom of your guests - so very very generous of all of you involved - such a gift and I am so thankful.


Hi Orna & Matthew,
I just want to thank you for this marvelous online conference. I have learned so much, I really enjoy the way the speakers present their topics, it's so natural and easy to relate to. I have experienced a lot of transformation in my energy and I love it!!! Lots of things still to learn yet. I am so excited about this journey... “Thank you again... Have a wonderful day!


~ Alicia

I have listened to almost every call in this re-evolution of love and have taken enormous value from each session. Perhaps one of the greatest values is my own humility. I had been skeptical about such 'marketing' style seminars and 'what could I, who yearns for depth benefit from 1 hour of marketing?

Thank you for showing me how arrogant I was. I have benefited more than I am already aware. With loving blessings...

~ Devorah

I have not missed even one call! Love the presenters you have picked as well as your leading of the calls.  Your candid sharing and dynamics are insightful. This is not flattery, but my honest feedback. Thank you!

~ Carmela

I am enjoying the series more than words can say! Every session is truly remarkable; I cannot recall a time when I have had this many Ah-ha moments with one event. Thank you!

~ Laura

I'm enjoying this series so much. Every night I feel like you are all speaking just to me addressing my issues and giving me the steps I need to take to overcome them. Thank you.

~ Kimberly

Please know how much I felt, appreciated and benefitted from your love and generosity. I'll be ordering the MP3's of all the talks, another act of generosity from you and your faculty. Although I'll miss being with you each week, I'll remember you both as I keep learning about love.

~ Mary Jane

I'm loving your course and have recommended it to many friends. It's been a tremendous help to me and is of great value. Thanks again.

~ Abigail

I’m hooked! I'm loving and am addicted to your series. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Much love and appreciation.

~ Marni

Thank you for the great series! Thank you!

~ Helen


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